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Travel Sri Lanka to Entertain Eyes

Foreign tourists find the Sri Lankan atmosphere pretty charming. Therefore travel enthusiastic foreigners need to add value to each and every minute they spend on this beautiful island. Though Sri Lanka is a tiny island, the travel destinations provide mighty satisfaction. Seasons do not matter, as Sri Lanka has something to offer during any season of the year. You simply cannot miss your favorite Sri Lanka Driver Guides if you are visiting Sri Lanka.

Get Your Favorite Driver Guides Sri Lanka

We are loaded with 15 years of experience in the tourism industry. Also we have served thousands of tourists from different parts of the world. We use extensive approaches to cater the demands of both corporate and personal clients. We have a fleet of modern and luxury vehicles.  Provide an unforgettable traveling experience for our valued clients. Tourists will be provided with quality accommodation facilities. Clients could upgrade the hotels based on preference. Even more, we have employed a set of trained and Multilingual Driver guides. We deal with tourists coming from different parts of the world speaking different languages.

Time is never a problem our drivers and guides take the shortest routes to reach the destination. Because our guides are well trained to manage the tense traffic conditions in Sri Lanka. We have the unique ability to cater to the exact demand of our clients. Drivers and Guides ability to manage tourists in different travel locations is quite sensational. We offer both standardized and customized tour packages to our clients. Tourists could make their trip even more interesting by picking their personal favorite travel destinations. Further more we are well aware of the fact that flexibility is a key factor which could result in higher customer satisfaction. Driver Guides Sri Lanka.

Services Offered by Driver Guides Sri Lanka

Success of the Drive Guides Agency is dependent on the quality of service provided. It should be noted that the word of mouth is a powerful communication tool which is extensively used by travelers. This highlights the necessity to build a unique service line to develop a good brand image.

  • Organize both single day and multi-day tours.
  • Provide great packages to fit in both the segments.
  • Maintain great consistency in treating our clients.
  • Client is placed right on top of our vision.
  • Organize both airport pick services and drop services.

Our tour packages cover natural sensations, Archaeological sites, Cultural sites, fauna, and flora. You don’t have to bother about transportation. We only deal with luxury and comfortable vehicles providing great satisfaction. Besides that you will be dealing with the best Cab Services in Sri Lanka if you decide to go with The Visit Lanka Tours.

Driving around is always fun if you have a good driver guide around. Because they make life easy for the tourists. It could begin from the very moment you touch the Lankan soil and run down till you take the flight back to your homeland. This is where the service of Visit Lanka Tours could come in handy.  We guarantee the lowest prices with the best service. We are something beyond an ordinary Driver Guide Company.

Why book our Driver Guides Sri Lanka & Chauffeur Guide?

  • Professional and high quality Private Guides
  • Provide an unforgettable experience to our valued clients
  • Great industry knowledge
  • Sri Lanka Tourists Board approved Driver Guides

Our Chauffeur Guides and Driver Guides have authority to organize round tours and day tours depending on the requirement of the clients. They are ambassadors for promoting tourism within this beautiful island. Our guides are entitled to provide a friendly service along with quality hospitality gestures. Above all they have a vast knowledge of famous traveler routes and they are quick enough to identify new sensations that tourists would start liking.

Chauffeur Guides & Driver Guides Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka never disappoints their visitors, neither is our team of Chauffeur Guides. Guest can pick from any part of the island. Whether it is the airport, your hotel, or any other location. The experience starts this point on wards. They are willing to pick you up in a car, minivan, bus, or even a bike depending on the requirement. Besides that accommodation will be arranged according to the specifications and the budget of the tourist. Sri Lanka boasts of remarkable tourist sensations. Likewise coastal line, hill country, wildlife zones, countryside and ancient cities. You only have to pick your favorite destination. Your favorite Chauffeur Guide will take care of the rest.

Our Chauffeur guides are entitled to provide a great experience to their valued clients rather providing a great service. They take great pleasure in showing the beautiful sites of their home country to tourists from abroad. This is their passion and that is what the tourists expect from Chauffeur Guides. It takes miles long journeys and plenty of years to build a good Chauffeur Guide. We have filtered out the best in business Chauffeur Guides to provide a great service to our valued clients. Driver Guides Sri Lanka.


The accommodation requirements vary from tourist to tourist. Some tourists prefer to stay in luxury star hotels while the others stick to average resorts and hotels. So it is all dependent on the budget of the tourist. The Visit Lanka tours provide convenient and flexible accommodation solutions to their clients. Also we have access to negotiated rates in leading hotels and resorts. We are willing to arrange accommodation to match the budget of the client, or sometimes way below the budgeted amount. We have appointed experts to deal with hotel bookings and rate negotiations. As a result, the client is always set to have convenient and cheap accommodation with quality amenities.


  1. Mr Lane C Martin

    I would like to know how much for a private car and driver for 7 and 10 days in Sri Lanka. Trip is March 2020. Route to be determined.
    Also what is included. Hotels moderate. I don’t need to know the exact amount. Maybe +/- US$200….

    Thank you!

    Mr Lane Martin USA. Single traveler


    we had visited with Mr.Manju all around sri lanka.wonderfull hospitality and a great job from Mr.Manju.PRICE is very reasonable than others.great job Manju and thanks a lot.
    from russia;))))

  3. Lellouche

    The best driver from the Sri Lanka.
    Manju is very prudent on car. It was a real plaisir to be with him. We travelled with our 3 children’s.
    It was a marvelous travel and he can show you few things.
    Thanks a lot again manju and take care.

    Isabelle, Michael, ema, Lola et Mila

  4. Madhushani Warnasooriya

    Recommended A++++
    I happened to have some foreign friends visiting me here in Sri Lanka. Since I was a bit busy, I had to select someone trustworthy to get my friends visited to most exotic places in Sri Lanka (as I was unable to take them to places). When I was looking for a guide, who could also provide them transportation, I heard about the Driver Guides Sri Lanka through some other friends of mine. First I thought they were exaggerating about the service they got from the Driver Guides. But I gave it a go. I should say that they didn’t disappoint me or my friends. Indeed, they exceeded my expectations and I was 101% satisfied about my choice.
    So here I am – recommending Driver Guides for you all. If you want to know what good hospitality means in Sri Lankan perspective, seek no further, contact Driver Guides Sri Lanka.

  5. Rajeev

    Great job ,
    The visit lanka tours is the best..keep it up..and worm thanks to sri lanka driver guides in this company.
    If you are look sri lanka driver guides contact
    The visit lanka tours:)

  6. Marcil

    Madam Marcil thanks too for the trip
    Driver guide sri lanka

  7. Marcil

    We wanted to thanks one more time Manjula for our trip
    Driver guide sri lanka
    See you David

  8. Brian

    I would like to thank the Driver Guide of the visit Lanka tours for their wonderful service the Driver guide are very honest and reliable once a gain I thank them for their service

  9. Anne

    Good job Manju
    We are appreciate sri lanka driver guides.
    Thanks for “thevisitlankatours

  10. Bandara

    Thanks a lot to manju.driver guides sri lanka are perfect.
    U need a tour in sri lanka.”the visit lanka tours”is the best..highly recommended sri lanka driver guides….

  11. Ikshuri

    Woow comfortable vehicles,perfect services..u need reliable tour go the visit lanka tour and select sri lanka driver guides with them.
    Go ahead..
    Thanks manju for given us a memorable tour..We’ll come again to have your service.

  12. Michel

    Good job.perfect sri lanka driver guides.
    All the best

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